Phylum:Zygomycota >> Class: Trichomycetes >>  Order: Harpellales 
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 Scientific Name: Stachylina nana

Stachylina nana Lichtwardt, Mycotaxon 19: 529-550. 1984.

 Description: Thalli cymbiform to fusiform, about 72 µm, attached to peritrophic membrane by a small holdfast disk. Producing 2-4 oval to biconical trichospores, 29-33 μm × 5-7.2 μm, with a single appendage and no collar. Zygospores unknown. Attached to peritrophic membrane of larval Chironomidae (Diptera).

Taiwan, Shihlin, WaiShuang river: slide prepared from a midge larvae (Chironomidae), 06 Aug 2004, Stana-1; 11 Nov 2004, Stana-2. Taiwan, Pingtung, Kaoping River: slide prepared from a midge larvae (Chironomidae), 18 Dec 2004, Stana-3.

 Habitat: obligate parasites in aquatic Diptera larva guts



Lichtwardt, RW. 1984.


P. H. Wang

 Note: The small thalli, few trichospores, and the trichospore shape and size distinguish S. nana from other Stachylina species. The holdfast disk is small. The long trichospore appendage is generally flat and ribbonlike near the trichospores body, but tapers to become a very fine structure at the free end.