Phylum:Zygomycota >> Class: Trichomycetes >>  Order: Eccrinales 
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 Scientific Name: Taeniella carcini

Taeniella carcini L. Léger & Duboscq, Ann. R. bot Gdn, Calcutta 23: 140. 1911.

 Description: Thalli usually 60-600 μm long, smaller thalli up to 660 μm long, by 4.5-6 μm in diam and larger thalli 7-14 μm in diam. Proximal thalli evenly bulbous 6-24 μm diam. Holdfast short and cylindrical. Larger thalli producing uninucleate spores, square 12-18 × 9-12 μm, spherical 12-18 × 9-15 μm. Secondary infestation sporangiospores 2 or 4 nucleate, 18-44 × 8-11 μm. Smaller thalli producing spherical spores 5 × 6 μm attached to the rectum cuticle.

Taiwan, Taipei: Chuwei, 14 Sep 1991, SH18Ma03, SH18Ma04, SH18Ma08, SH18Ma09. Yunlin: Taihsi, 25 Oct 1991, SH27Ma10, SH27Ma12. Ilan: Toucheng, 03 Dec 1991, SH60Ma18, SH60Ma20. Changhua: Fangyuan, 31 Dec 1991, SH61Ma21, SH61Ma22, SH61Ma23, SH61Ma24, SH61Ma25, SH61Ma26.

 Habitat: Attached to the rectum cuticle of Macrophthalmus japonica De Haan (Decapoda, Macrophthalminae) and Metaplax takahashii Sakai (Decapoda, Sesarminae).

America, France, Japan, Taiwan


Chien, CY and Hsieh, LH. 2001.


C. Y. Chien and L. H. Hsieh

 Note: Taeniella carcini was recovered from two hosts-- Macrophthalmus japonica and Metaplax takahashii in Taiwan, but our specimens indicated that thalli growth forms are the same. Secondary infestation thalli are abundant and consist of uninucleate spores, that are little different from the drawings of Hibbits (1978).