Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Saccharomycetes >>  Order: Saccharomycetales 
 BCRC Number 22691     22697     22693     22690     22695      
 Scientific Name: Pichia membranifaeiens

Pichia membranifaeiens (E.C. Hasen) E.C. Hasen et al., Abt. II 12: 529-538. 1904.

Basionym: Saccharomyces membranifaeiens E.C. Hasen. In E.C. Hasen, C. R. Trav. Lab. Carlsberg 2: 143-167. 1888.

 Description: Growth in glucose-yeast extract-peptone broth: After 3 days at 25°C, the cells are ellipsoidal to cylindrical, (2.4-4.0) × (4.0-8.8) µm, single, in pairs, and cluster, multilateral budding. Growth on glucose-yeast extract-peptone agar: Aerobic growth is cream-white to dark-red, butyrous, rough or smooth, dull and convex with undulate margin. Dalmau plate culture on corn meal agar: After 7 days at 25°C, growth under the coverglass generally shows moderately pseudohyphae. Ascus and ascospores may form from cell of pseudohyphae. True hyphae are not produced. Formation of ascospores: After 7 days in Kleyn’s medium, one to four spores are formed per ascus. Ascus is evanescent and spore is spheroidal. The strains examined appear homothallic.

Taiwan, Taichung: Soil in carambola orchard, Aug 1993, BCRC 22690. Taiwan, Kaohsung: Soil in guava orchard, Oct 1993, BCRC 22691. Taiwan, Miaoli: Soil in longan (Euphoria longana) orchard, Aug 1993, BCRC 22693. Taiwan, Nantou: Soil in pear orchard, Sep 1993, BCRC 22695. Taiwan, Kaohsung: Soil in Lichee orchard, Oct 1993, BCRC 22697.

 Habitat: Excreta of cossidae larvae on Eucephalartos lanatus, must treat with mycostain, grapes, fruit fly, soil, wine, beer, fermented and rotted food.

South Africa, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Pakistan, Spain, Yugoslavia, West Africa, Italy, France, Brazil and Taiwan.


Hasen, EC. 1904.


F. L. Lee

 Note: This species is placed in biological safety level 1. Anamorph: Candida valida (Leberle) Uden & H.R. Buckley, Candida Berkhout. In: J. Lodder (ed), The Yeasts, A Taxonomic Study, 2nd edn. North-Holland, Amsterdam, pp. 893-1087. 1970.