Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Saccharomycetes >>  Order: Saccharomycetales 
 BCRC Number 22790      
 Scientific Name: Candida rugosa

Candida rugosa (Anderson) Diddens & Lodder, Die anaskosporogenen Hefen, II. Hälfte. North-Holl and, Amsterdam. 1942.

Basionym: Monilia rugosa (Castellani) Castellani & Chalmers., In Castellani & Chalmers, Manual of Tropical Medicine, 2nd edn. Baillière, Tindal and Cox, London. 1913.

 Description: Growth in glucose-yeast extract-peptone broth: After 3 days at 25°C, the cells are ovoid, ellipsoidal to cylindrical, (2.4-6.4) × (3.2-8.0) µm, single, in pairs, and cluster, multilateral budding. Growth on glucose-yeast extract-peptone agar: Aerobic growth is white to cream, butyrous, colonies. Dalmau plate culture on corn meal agar: After 7 days at 25°C, primary pseudohyphae are found. Formation of ascospores: Ascospores are not formed.

Taiwan, Miaoli: Facultative anaerobically fermented mustard (Fu-Tsai), Nov 1994, BCRC 22790.

 Habitat: Feces, dung, soil, human, sake-starter, rancid butter and facultative anaerobically fermented mustard.

UK, Netherlands, Japan, Norway, Finland and Taiwan.


Diddens, A and Lodder, AJ. 1942.


F. L. Lee

 Note: This species is placed in biological safety level 1.