Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Sordariales 
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 Scientific Name: Nitschkia broomeiana

Nitschkia broomeiana (Berk.) Petch, Sevensk., Bot.Tidskr. 69(1): 60. 1975.

Basionym: Sphaeria (Caespitosae) broomeiana Berk., Hooker’s Jour. Bot. 6:231. 1854.

 Description: Ascomata erumpent, turbinate, with a broadly sterile base, non-ostiolate, provided with several layers of thin-walled, hyaline gelatinized Quellköper cells at the apex, gregarious in groups of up to 30 individuals, laterally adnate, forming thick-walled, polygonal, brown, pseudoparenchymatous pulvinate stroma up to 5 mm in diam., the cells between adnate ascomata elongated, and the cells lining in centrum hyaline and compressed, walls of adjoining cells possessing prominent Munk pores. The walls of ascomata are covered with tubercles and short setae up to 34 μm long, they are dark brown in pigmentation. Asci unitunicate, clavate to obovoid, basal, standing in different height in locule, 103-158 × 20-28 μm, multispores. Ascospores, allantoid, 0-1 septate, hyaline, rounded at both ends, 6-9 × 2-3 μm.

Taiwan, Kaohsiung Hsien, Tienchi, 11 Feb. 1992, NCHUPP-2268.

 Habitat: On indet. wood.

Africa, Central and South America, North America, Asia, Australia, Europe.


Chen, CY and Hsieh, WH. 1994; Nannfeldt, JA. 1975.


W. H. Hsieh

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