Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Sordariales 
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 Scientific Name: Lasiosphaeria breviseta

Lasiosphaeria breviseta P. Karsten, Hedwigia 22: 57. 1884.

 Description: Ascomata ovate to pyriform, 430-500 μm high, 350-430 μm wide, superficial, sometimes partly immersed and then becoming superficial by shedding off the overlying host tissues, gregarious, tuberculate,with a papillate, dark, periphysate ostiole, densely covered by unbrached, thick-walled, dark brown, septate, obtuse, flexuous, 5-7 μm wide hairs, and the hairs at the base penetrate the host tissues. Peridium 38-48 μm wide, composed of two regions, the outer of 4-6-layers of brown, thick-walled, polygonal cells which are melanized at the outermost layer, and the inner of 3-5-layers of thin-walled, hyaline, compressed cells. Asci 140-170 × 8-16 μm, ascospore-containing portion elliptic-saccate and 90-110 μm long, with a long stalk 50-70 μm long, arising basally and periphyerally in ascoma, 8-spored, unitunicate, with a non-amyloid, refractive apical ring. Paraphyses 3-4 μm wide, simple, deliquesce early. Ascospores 40-62 × 2.5-4 μm, cylindrical, overlapping 2-3-seriate to fasiculate in ascus, obtuse at apex, curved and rostrate at base, hyaline, aseptate or rarely becoming 3-septate, smooth, mucilaginous sheath sometimes present.

Taiwan, Hualien Hsien, Tayulin, 5 Nov. 1994, NCHUPP-2327.

 Habitat: On indet. wood.

Europe, Taiwan.


Chen, CY and Hsieh, WH. 1996; Hilber, O and Hilber, R. 1983.


W. H. Hsieh

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