Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Pezizales 
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 Scientific Name: Lasiobolus cuniculi

Lasiobolus cuniculi Vel., Monogr. Discom. Bohem. 1: 413. 1934.

 Description: Apothecia turbinate, pale yellow, 0.1-0.6 mm wide, with setae, 180-260 × 10-12 μm. Ectal excipulum of textura eipidermoidea; layer 10-12.5 μm thick. Medullary excipulum of textura globulosa, cells 7.5-12.5 μm. Asci 8-spored, cylindrical, 140-260 × 22-37 μm. Ascospores ellipsoid, with a gelatinous sheath, smooth, 16-23 × 11-15 μm. Paraphyses filiform, simple or branched, 2-4 μm at tips.

Taiwan. Nantou: Chinching Farm, on cow dung, 1 Mar. 1993, Y.Z. Wang 93030 (TNM F0719); Chinching Farm, on cow dung, 25 Mar. 1994, Y.Z. Wang 94011 (TNM F1926). Taoyuan: Yangmei, on horse dung, 19 Feb. 1993, Y.Z. Wang 93026 (TNM F0715).

 Habitat: Coprophilous. On dung of rabbit, hare, sheep, goat, raccoon, cow, horse, and other animals.



Bezerra, JL and Kimbrough, JW. 1975; Wang, YZ. 1999.


Y. Z. Wang

 Note: This species is close to L. ciliatus, which also has short seta and similarly sized ascospores, but the setae of the latter have broader bases. (20-42 μm, Bezerra & Kimbrough 1975).