Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Pezizales 
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 Scientific Name: Ascodesmis macrospora

Ascodesmis macrospora Obrist, Can. J. Bot. 39: 95. 1961.

 Description: Apothecia gregarious, minute, without excipulum, formed by asci and paraphyses, 150-250 μm wide, dark brown. Asci broadly clavate, 60-100 × 32-36 μm. Ascospores broadly ellipsoid, with irregular striations, hyaline to pale brown, without ornamentation, 16-18 × 12-15 μm; 19-21 × 14-18 μm including ornamentation, surrounded by a perisporium. Pararphyses filiform, with granules, expanded at tips, 4-6 μm wide.

Kaohsiung: Fengshan, on goat dung, 5 Mar. 1993, Y.Z. Wang 93035 (TNM F0722).

 Habitat: Coprophilous. On dung of cow, crocodile, puma, and goat.



Brummelen, J. 1981; Wang, YZ. 1995.


Y. Z. Wang

 Note: This species is characterized by the large reticulate ascospores. It differs from A. microspcopica (Crouan) Le Gal mainly by the larger ascospores (Brummelen 1981).