Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Pezizales 
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 Scientific Name: Ascobolus fushanus

Ascobolus fushanus Y. Z. Wang & Brumm., Mycotaxon 65: 443. 1997.

 Description: Apothecia scattered, superficial, with a short stalk, 0.3-1.4 mm broad, 0.3-0.5 mm high. Receptacle at first subglobular and closed, then opening and extending, green to yellowish green, becoming brownish, furfuraceous, with crenulate margins. Disc yellowish green to brownish, dotted with purplish brown tips of mature asci. Ectal excipulum of a textura globulosa, cells 12.5-37 μm diam., layer 37-60 μm thick. Medullary excipulum of varying thickness, cells hyaline, 15-50 μm diam. Subhymenial layer 25-50 μm thick, of small globose cells, 5-7.5 μm diam. Asci 8-spored, cylindric-clavate, rounded above, tapering below, 178-208 × 12.5-16 μm; the walls turning very pale blue in Melzer’s reagent only when young. Ascospores uniseriate, at maturity biseriate, narrowly ellipsoid, (14-)15-17.2(-18) × 6.5-7.8 μm, first hyaline, then purplish becoming purplish brown, ornamented with longitudinal, rarely anastomosing ridges; 1-1.3 μm broad, each with a unilateral gelatinous sheath when freshly released. Paraphyses simple or branched, filiform, 2-3 μm at the base, tips irregularly shaped and slightly enlarged, 3-5 μm broad; embedded in yellowish-green mucus.

Yilan: Fushan Botanical Garden, on muntjac dung, 29 Oct. 1996, Y.Z. Wang 9646 (Holotype, TNM); Fushan Botanical Garden, on muntjac dung, 3 Feb. 1997, Y.Z. Wang 9703 (TNM F5711).

 Habitat: Coprophilous. On dung of Formosan Reeve’s mountjac (Munticacus reevesi micrurus).



Wang, YZ and Brummelen, J. 1997; Wang, YZ. 1999.


Y. Z. Wang

 Note: This species is characterized by the narrowly ellipsoid ascospores and the pattern of spore ornamentation. It is closely related to A. crenulatus, A. michaudii, and A. denudatus.