Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Pezizales 
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 Scientific Name: Ascobolus denudatus

Ascobolus denudatus Fr., Syst. Mycol. 2: 162. 1822.

 Description: Apothecia gregarious, disc-like, with a short stalk, at first closed, 1-8 mm wide, 1-1.5 mm high when mature, disc green then brownish green, dotted with the protruding tips of ripe asci, margins slightly raised, receptacle yellowish green, surface covered with small brown fascicles. Ectal excipulum layer 37-50 μm thick, of a textura globulosa, cells 12.5-25 μm diam. Medullary excipulum of various thickness, composed of large globose cells, 12.5-55 μm diam. Hypothecium of small globose cells, 7.5-12.5 μm, layer 40-50 μm thick. Hymenium 275-300 μm. Asci 8-spored, clavate, 205-275 × 20-30 μm, young ascal walls turning pale blue in Melzer’s reagent. Ascospores ellipsoid, 17-21 × 9-11 μm, brown to purplish brown, ornamented with longitudinal, oblique or transverse striation, with a unilateral sheath. Paraphyses filiform, branched and swollen in the middle, 2-10 μm, embedded in green mucus.

Taiwan. Hualien: Juisui, on cow dung, 11 Oct. 1994, Y.Z. Wang 9456 (TNM F2571). Miaoli: Provincial Miaoli Agri-industrial Vocational High School, on horse dung, 9 Jan. 1996, Y.Z. Wang 9603 (TNM F4461); Provincial Miaoli Agri-industrial Vocational High School, on goat dung, 10 Jan. 1996, Y.Z. Wang 9604 (TNM F4462); Provincial Miaoli Agri-industrial Vocational High School, on ox dung, 16 Jan. 1996, Y.Z. Wang 9611 (TNM F4468). Nantou: Chingching Farm, on cow dung, 30 Dec. 1992, Y.Z. Wang 92151 (TNM F0697).

 Habitat: Coprophilous. On rotten wood and branches, humid soil, old compost, and cow dung.



Brummelen, J. 1967; Wang, YZ. 1999.


Y. Z. Wang

 Note: The ascospores of Taiwanese collections have various parallel to oblique lines. This species resembles A. foliicola Berk. & Broome in the greenish apothecia and ascospore ornamentaion, but the latter has stalked apothecia, furfuraceous margins and prominent warts on the receptacle.