Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Helotiales 
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 Scientific Name: Lachnum flavidulum

Lachnum varians (Rehm) Spooner., Bibl. Mycol. 116: 466. 1987.

Basionym: Dasyscypha flavidula Rehm, Ann. Mycol. 7: 542. 1909.

Lachnum flavidulum (Rehm) J. H. Haines, in Korf & Zhuang, Mycotaxon 22: 501. 1985.

 Description: Apothecia 0.1-0.5 mm, growing singly or gregariously on dead petioles and rachi of tree ferns, goblet-shaped, stipitate, disc yellow, covered with buff-yellow hairs bearing amber-colored resin masses when young with exposure the hairs turn grey-white and bear dark red resin deposits. Hairs to 88.0 × 2.4-3.2 μm, septate, cylindrical, roughend with minute, elongated, tightly-adhering, water insoluable granules. Resin masses often adhering several hairs together, amber- to garnet-color and water-soluable. Ectal excipulum of textura prismatica. Medullary excipulum of textura intricata. Asci (25-)31-41(-48) × (2.5-)4.7-5.7 (-7.7) μm, clavate-cylindric, J+. Ascospores (5.0-)7.8-9.5 × 1.3-2.0 μm, fusiform to ellipsoidal with rounded tips, non-septate, irregularly biseriate. Paraphyses 1.3 × 2.0 μm at the widest point, narrowly lanceolate, hyaline, non-septate, slightly longer than the asci.

Taiwan, Yilan: Fushan Botanical Garden, alt. 600 m, on tree fern of Gymonspharea podophylla (Hook) Copel, 23 Jan. 1995, M. L. Wu, 95-F1-Ⅱ-P3 (TMTC); 22 Feb. 1995, M. L. Wu, 95-F2-Ⅱ-P1 (TMTC) and M. L. Wu, 95-F2-Ⅱ-P3 (TMTC); 27 Apr. 1997, M. L. Wu, 97-F2-Ⅱ-P2(TMTC) and M. L. Wu, 97-F2-Ⅱ-P6 (TMTC); 21 Apr. 1994, WAN019 (TNM F1907); 30 May 1995, WAN149 (TNM F3413). Nantou: Hsitou, alt. 1200 m, on tree ferns, 18 Jan. 1993, S. H. Wu, 930617 (TNM F1116). Taichung: Anmashan, alt. 2275 m, on tree fern, 3 May 1995, WAN133 (TNM F3090).

 Habitat: Pteridicolous. On petioles and rachi of tree ferns including Gymnospharea podophylla (Hook.) Copel and other members of the family Cyatheaceae.

Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Taiwan.


Wu, ML et al. 1998; Wu, ML. 1995.


M. L. Wu

 Note: This species has been known as Dasyscyphus varians. The difficulty in recongnizing this species lies with its propensity to change color when its water soluble pigment migrates to the tips of its hairs to form resin-like lumps. Apothecia may have yellow or white hairs and may have resinous masses ranging from buff to garnet color. These variations may occur in the same collection. It is distinguished from two related fern-inhabiting species, L. pteridophyllum and L. oncospermatum by its small, elliptical ascospores. Intermediate spore types and sizes are known.