Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Helotiales 
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 Scientific Name: Albotricha hainesii

Albotricha hainesii M. L. Wu, Mycotaxon 88: 387-392. 2003.

 Description: Apothecia scattered on the stem of Miscanthus floridulus, 0.5-1.3 mm diam. disc-shaped, subsessile to short stipitate, 0.2-0.8 mm. Disc white when fresh and orange-yellow after dried, flat to slightly concave, hairs distributed on the margin area of the disc and the receptacle. Ectal excipulum of textura prismatica and textura angularis, composed of thick-walled cells, (6-)9.8-11.8(-17.6) × (6-)7.8-9.8(-10.8) μm; medullary excipulum of textura intricata, hyphae hyaline, mostly 1.5-2.0 μm wide. Hairs of two kinds, hyaline. Primary hairs cylindrical, gradually narrowed to the obtuse apex, multiseptate, with coarse granules from base to apex, mostly 65-75 μm long. Secondary hairs formed by proliferation through primary hairs at the apex to form long gradually tapered apex, multiseptate, up to 150 μm long, mostly 125-138 μm long, (2.0)3.0-5.0 μm wide at base and 1.5-2.5 μm wide at apex, warted near the lower 2/3-4/5 part of the hair, bearing amorphous resinous matter, smooth restricted to the upper 1/3-1/5 portion of the hair. Asci 31-48 × 3-4(-5) μm, cylindric clavate, crozier not present at the base, pore J+ when stained with Melzer's reagent. Ascospores (4.8-)5-7(-8.5) × (1-)1.2-2.0(-2.5) μm, hyaline, subcylindrical to ovoid, unicellular, usually bearing two distinct large guttules at two ends when mature, occasionally containing 2-3 small guttules near the large one. Paraphyses 3-5 μm diam. at the widest point, septate, with an acute tip, exceeding the asci by 18-20(-23) μm.

Taiwan, Taipei: Yangmingshan National Park, Silvergrass Grasslands, near Hsiaoyukeng Visitor Center, Mt. Chichsing, alt. 800 m, 25˚10΄N, 121˚32΄ E, 28 Oct. 2000, Wu001028ST17-1 (Holotype in TNM) and Wu001028ST8; 23 Dec. 2000, Wu001223ST4, 20 Feb. 2001, Wu010220ST2 and Wu010220ST16.

 Habitat: Grassicolous. On culm of Miscanthus floridulus (Labill.) Warb. ex K. Schum. & Laut (Poaceae).



Wu, ML., 2003; Raitviir, A., 1970.


M. L. Wu

 Note: Albotricha was segregated from Lachnum by Raitviir (1970). Albotricha hainesii differs from all known specices in its small cylindrical to ovoid spores with two distinct large guttules and specific substrate. All specimens of the Albotricha hainesii discovered from Taiwan were collected from M. floridulus (Poaceae) at the volcano area with specific environmental conditions. The size of spores (4.5-7.5 mm × 1.5-2 mm) and asci (34-43 mm × 4-4.5 mm) of A. fagicola Hosoya (Hosoya, 1998) are similar to A. hainesii M. L. Wu. However, A. fagicola is foliicolous and has small apothecia (500 mm diam.) with light orange hymenium while A. hainesii is from grass and has a larger apothecia (0.5-1.3 mm diam.) with white hymenium.