Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Halosphaeriales 
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 Scientific Name: Lignincola laevis

Lignincola laevis Höhnk, Veroeff. Inst. Meeresforsh. Bremerhaven 3: 216. 1955.

 Description: Ascomata 120-320 μm high, 106-360 μm in diameter, solitary or gregarious, subglobose or ellipsoidal, superficial or immersed, ostiolate, papillate, coriaceous, light brown to black. Necks 160-360 μm long, 30-60 μm in diameter, cylindrical, centric or ecentric, light colored to black. Catenophyses present. Asci 44-60 × 10-18 μm, eight-spored, clavate to subfusiform, short pedunculate without apical apparatuse, thin-walled, unitunicate, persistent, becoming detached at ascospore maturity; whole asci with ascospores released through the ostiole into the water, later central part of ascus swelling in water, then break up. Ascospores 15-22 × 6-9 μm, biseriate, ellipsoidal, one-septate, hyaline, slightly constricted at the septum, without appendages.

Taipei, Chuwei, 4 Jan. 1989, CW0104-21; Taipei, Pali, 4 Apr. 1992, PL0404-21; Taipei, Nanya, 2 Aug. 1990, NY0802-21, Taipei, Homei, 30 Apr. 1991, HM0430-21;Chiayi, Tungshih, 1 Nov, 1989, TH1101-20, 16 May 1992, TH0516-20, 28 Sep. 1995, TH0928-20; Ilan, Toucheng, 2 Aug. 1992, TC0802-20, Taoyuan, Yungan, 14 Jul. 1989, YG0714-21; Hualien, Fengbin, 13 Jun. 2001, FB0613-21; Hsinchu Hsinfung, 21 Sep. 2001, HF0921-13; Kinmen, 28 Oct. 2001, KM1028-21; Taitung, Lanyu, 1 Nov. 2001, LY1101-13; Hsinchu Nanliou, 2 Oct. 2002, NL1002-5.

 Habitat: Saprobic on intertidal wood, bark, roots of shoreline trees, submerged wood and leaves of mangrove, bamboo, driftwood.

Malaysia; Chile; Thailand; Brunei; Hawaii; Singapore; Seychelles; Taiwan.


Höhnk, W., 1955; Hsieh, SY et al., 2002.


S. Y. Hsieh

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