Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Halosphaeriales 
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 Scientific Name: Halosarpheia retorquens

Halosarpheia retorquens Shearer & J. L. Crane, Bot. Mar. 23: 608-609. 1980.

 Description: Ascomata 110-246 μm in diameter, solitary to gregarious, globose to subglobose, superficial to immersed, ostiolate, papillate, membranous, hyaline at first, becoming dark brown or black with age. Necks 60-100 × 30-34 μm, cylindrical, periphysate, dark at the lower part, hyaline at upper region. Catenophyses persistent. Asci 70-128 × 20-31 μm, eight-spored, clavate, thin-walled, unitunicate, deliquescing before or at maturity. Ascospores 25-32 × 8-10 μm, ellipsoidal, one-septate, hyaline. Appendages ca.15 × 2 μm, bipolar, composed of a single, coiled or folded filament, at first hamate, finally uncoiling in water to produce a long, fine filament.

Taipei, Homei, 30 Apr. 1991, HM0430-14; Ilan, Shihcheng, 11 Feb. 1993, SC0211-14.

 Habitat: Saprobic on drift wood, mangrove wood.

USA; Malaysia; Taiwan; Chile; Sri Lanka; Singapore; Hawaii.


Shearer CA and Crane, JL., 1980; Hsieh, SY et al., 2002.


S. Y. Hsieh

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