Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Halosphaeriales 
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 Scientific Name: Halosarpheia fibrosa

Halosarpheia fibrosa Kohlm. & E. Kohlm., Trans. Br. Mycol. Soc. 68: 208. 1977.

 Description: Ascomata 440-560 μm high, 346-680 μm in diameter, solitary or gregarious, subglobose, immersed or partly immersed, ostiolate, papillate, coriaceous, dark brown. Necks 230-850 μm long, 92-244 μm in diameter, cylindrical, centric, periphysate, dark brown to black. Catenophyses present. Asci 120-175 × 24-54 μm, eight-spored, clavate, pedunculate, without apical apparatuse, thin-walled but thick-walled below the apex, unitunicate, persistent. Ascospores 26-44 × 16-28 μm, broad ellipsoidal, one-septate, not constricted at the septum, hyaline, apical appendages 4-10 × 3-5 μm, cap-like, stiff, at maturity becoming soft and transforming into a coil of delicate fibers that uncoil and form long, sticky filaments.

Taipei, Chuwei, 4 Oct. 1989, CW0104-12; Chiayi, Tungshih, 1 Nov. 1989, TH1101-12, 16 May 1992, TH0516-12.

 Habitat: Intertidal submerged wood of mangrove

Malaysia; Seychelles; Japan; Taiwan.


Kohlm. J and Kohlm. E. 1977; Hsieh, SY et al. 2002.


S. Y. Hsieh

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