Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Eurotiales 
 BCRC Number 32439      
 Scientific Name: Talaromyces trachyspermus

Anamorph: Penicillium leshmanii Pitt

Talaromyces trachyspermus (Shear) Stolk & Samson, Stud. Mycol. Baarn 2: 32. 1972.

Subgenus: Talaromyces

 Description: CYA, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 17-18 mm, center somewhat raised, floccose, dense, margin low, broad, entire; mycelium white; gymnothecia abundant, usually smaller; conidiogenesis abundant, turquoise grey (2B2); exudate distinct, greyish red to brownish orange (7-8C4-5); soluble pigment absent; reverse cognac, cocoa brown (6E6-7), salmon or light orange (6A4-6). MEA, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 24-25 mm, plane, floccose, margin low, effuse, entire; mycelium white to orange white (5A1-2); gymnothecia produced, superficial, often aggregated; conidiogenesis light to moderate, greenish white (30A2); exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse cognac, caramel brown, brownish orange, reddish golden (6C6-7) or light orange (5A4-5). G25N, 25°C, 7 days: limited growth, colonies diameters 4-7 mm. CYA, 5°C, 7 days: no growth. CYA, 37°C, 7 days: colony diameters 20-23 mm, center raised, distinctly funiculose, subcenter, margin low, flat, dense, velutinous, margin narrow, entire; mycelium white to orange white (6A1-2); conidiogenesis lacking; exudates and soluble pigment absent; reverse Persian orange (6A6-7) or light orange (5A4-5). Gymnothecia globose, white to pale yellow, of tightly interwoven hyphae, maturing in 2 weeks, superficial or partly embedded in mycelium, 320-1160 mm on MEA, but on CYA usually smaller, 48-196 μm in diameters; ascostomatal initials originating from segmenting, swollen and contorted hyphae; asci globose to ellipsoidal, borne in chains, 7.1-12.0 × 5.5-6.6 μm, uncolored; ascospores ellipsoidal, spinose, 3.1-4.4 × 1.9-2.5 μm, uncolored. Conidiophores and conidia: conidiophores on MEA borne from aerial hyphae; stipes septate, 14.2-68.2 × 2.0-3.7 μm, smooth or finely roughened, thin walled, uncolored; penicilli monoverticillate or biverticillate; metulae in verticils of 2-3, smooth, 10.0-18.6 × 2.4-3.2 μm; phialides in verticils of 4-6, acerose, smooth, 11.2-16.8 × 1.7-2.8 μm, collula gradually tapering long; conidia predominantly ellipsoidal, uncolored, 2.5-3.6 × 1.7-2.8 μm, smooth, thin walled, borne in irregular columns.

Taiwan, Pingtung County, Wanfan, from rhizosphere of lemon, 6 Dec. 1989.

 Habitat: from rhizosphere of lemon.



Tzean, SS et al., 1994.


S. S. Tzean and S. C. Chiu

 Note: Notes infrequently encountered species, voucher culture BCRC 32439.