Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Eurotiales 
 BCRC Number 33156      
 Scientific Name: Talaromyces flavus

Subgenus: Talaromyces

Talaromyces flavus (Klocker) Stolk & Samson, Stud. Mycol. Baarn 2: 10. 1972.

Anamorph: Penicillium dangeardii Pitt

 Description: CYA, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 30-32 mm, center deep, sulcate, floccose, dense, margin entire, narrow; mycelium white; gymnothecia concealed or partly embedded in the mycelium; conidiogenesis moderate, greenish grey to greyish green (26B2-3); exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse melon yellow, orange, pale orange or light orange (5A3-7). MEA, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 34-37 mm, plane, floccose, margin low, effuse; mycelium white; gymnothecia abundant, concealed by the mycelium; conidiogenesis moderate to abundant, grey to greenish grey (3B1-2); exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse Persian orange (6A7), yellowish red (8A6-7), yellowish white, pale yellow (3A2-3) or dull yellow (3B3). G25N, 25°C, 7 days: colony diameters 5-7 mm, floccose, dense, margin low, effuse; mycelium white, conidiogenesis abundant, greyish green (28B5-6); exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse deep green (28E8) or yellowish white to pale yellow (1A2-3). CYA, 5°C, 7 days: no growth. CYA, 37°C, 7 days: colony diameters 19-21 mm, center raised, distinctly pulvinate, submar-gin sulcate, floccose, funiculose, margin entire, narrow; mycelium white to light orange (5A1-4); conidiogenesis absent; exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse melon yellow, golden yellow (5B6-7) or light orange (5A4-5). Gymnothecia on MEA of tightly interwoven mycelium, abundant, aggregated, particularly at the colony margin, globose to subglobose, yellow, 432-680 × 336-480 μm, maturing in 17 days; ascomata initials consisting of cylindroidal, ascogonial cell entwined by fine anther-idial hyphae, after fusion, ascogenous hyphal ascending from the tip of ascogonial cells; asci globose to subglobose, borne in chains, 9.5-11.1 × 8.0-9.3 μm, uncolored; ascospores ellip-soidal, subhyaline to pale yellow, 3.6-4.4 × 2.9-3.4 μm, spinose. Conidiophores and conidia: conidiophores on MEA borne from aerial mycelium; stipes septate or aseptate, 23.7-71.1 × 2.3-3.3 μm, smooth to finely roughened, thin walled, uncol-ored; penicilli monoverticillate or biverticillate; metulae in verticils of 2-4, smooth to finely roughened, 12.3-17.0 × 2.5-3.0 μm; phialides in verticils of 2-6, acerose, smooth, 11.7-15.6 × 2.1-3.2 μm, collula gradually tapering; conidia ellipsoidal, uncolored, 3.0-5.0 × 2.4-3.6 μm, smooth, borne in short disordered columns.

Taiwan, Chiayi County, Fanlu, from soil, 28 Jun 1990.

 Habitat: from soil.

Taiwan, Argentina, Tanzania.


Tzean, SS et al., 1994.


S. S. Tzean and S. C. Chiu

 Note: common species, voucher species BCRC 33156.