Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Eurotiales 
 BCRC Number 32305      
 Scientific Name: Eurotium cristatum

Eurotium cristatum (Raper & Fennell) Malloch & Cain, Can. J. Bot. 50: 64. 1972.

Anamorph: Aspergillus spiculosus Blaser, Sydowia 28: 42. 1975.

 Description: Colony diameters on Czapek’s Agar 2.0-2.5 cm in 10 days at 25°C, conidial heads radiate, pale dull glaucous-blue to greenish glaucous-blue, or pistachio green to American green, or niagara green to rejane green or bice green (R., Plate XLII, XLI, XXXIII, XVII); mycelium white, to yellow. Cleistothecia yellow; reverse uncolored to dull aniline yellow or dull war-bler green (R., Plate IV). Colony diameter on Malt Extract Agar 2.0-2.3 cm in 10 days at 25°C; conidial heads radiate, puritan gray to artemisia green or slate-olive (R., Plate XLVII); mycelium white to yellow; cleistothecia yellow; reverse near dull primuline yellow or tawny-olive to sayal brown (R., Plate XVI, XXXIX, XXIX). Colony diameters on Czapek’s Agar with 20% added sucrose 5.0-5.5 cm in 10 days at 25°C; conidial heads radiate to columnar, pois green to leaf green or Russian green (R., Plate XLI, XLII); mycelium amber yellow, wax yellow, strontian yellow or near olive-ocher (R., Plate XVI, XXX); reverse yellow to buckthorn brown (R., Plate XV); stipes 155-560 × 6.4-16.0 μm, smooth, pale brown to brown near the vesicle area; vesicles 10.7-37.0 μm in diameter hemispherical to spherical, occasionally pyriform. Aspergilla uniseriate, phialides covering 1/2 to 3/4 of the vesicle, 4.1-9.5 × 3.2-4.0 μm. Conidia ellipsoidal to subglobose, smooth, pale brown to brown, 3.6-6.2 × 2.8-6.0 μm. Cleistothecia yellow, globose to subglobose, 55-150 μm wide; asci subglobose to near globose, 8-spored; ascospores roughened to con-spicuously spinose, with 2 thin flexuous longitudinal flanges, 3.6-5.5 × 3.2-4.4 μm. Colony diameters on M40Y larger than 9 cm in 14 days at 25°C; conidial heads andover green (R., Plate XLVII) and picric yellow to lemon yellow (R., Plate IV); cleistothecia form conspicuous zonation; mycelium white to yellow; reverse light orange-yellow to light cad-mium yellow (R., Plate III, IV).

Taiwan, Taipei Pref., rare species from stored corn seeds, 26 Mar 1988. (BCRC 32305).

 Habitat: from stored corn seeds.

Taiwan, South Africa.


Tzean, SS et al., 1990.


S. S. Tzean and J. L. Chen

 Note: Colony growth rapidly on M40Y, with abundant yellow cleistothecia in conspicuous zonation; ascospores rough to conspicuously roughened, with two thin flexural longitudinal flanges. Conidia under light microscopy are pale brown to brown, but conidial heads are pois green to Russian green.