Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Eurotiales 
 BCRC Number 32307      
 Scientific Name: Eurotium chevalieri

Anamorph: Aspergillus equitis Samson & W. Gams apud Samson & Pitt, Adv. Penicillium Aspergillus System.: 36. 1985.

Eurotium chevalieri Mangin, Ann. Sci. nat., Bot., Ser. 9, 10: 361. 1909.

 Description: Colony diameters on Czapek’s Agar 2.8-3.2 cm in 14 days at 25°C; conidial heads radiate, deep greenish glaucous to pistachio green (R., Plate XLI); mycelium yellow. Cleistothecia yellow to buffy citrine, or deep colonial buff to olive (R., Plate XVI, XXX); soluble pigment yellow; exudate clear; reverse yellow to Saccardo’s umber (R., Plate XXIX). Colony diameters on Czapek’s Agar with 20% added sucrose 6.0-6.5 cm in 14 days at 25°C; conidial heads radiate, gnaphalium green to near dark sage green (R., Plate XLVII); myce-lium yellow to greyish yellow orange shades; exudate clear; reverse near asphodel green to apricot yellow, or mahogany red to bay (R., Plate XLI, IV, II); stipes 62-680 × 7.0-20.0 μm, smooth, colorless to pale brown; vesicles obovoid to globose 10.0-46.0 μm wide. Aspergilla uniseriate, phialides covering the entire surface of the vesicle, 4.0-13.1 × 2.8-6.2 μm. Co-nidia ellipsoidal to doliiform, less commonly subglobose, rough to irregularly roughened, 3.2-7.1 × 2.4-5.0 μm. Cleistothecia greyish yellow, subglobose to globose, up to 178 μm wide, asci 8-spored, spherical to subspherical, ascospores lenticular, with wall smooth to finely roughened, with 2 distinct longitudinal trough flanges, 4.2-5.4 × 3.3-4.0 μm. Colony diameters on M40Y 7.5-8.5 cm in 14 days at 25°C; conidial heads abundant, light hellebore green (R., Plate XVII). Cleistothecia abundant as on C20S enmeshed in or-ange-red hyphae; reverse orange-brown.

Taiwan, Penghu Pref., from soil, 7 June 1986; stored paddy rice, Chiayi Pref., 19 Jan 1987 (BCRC 32307); stored corn seeds, Changhwa Pref., 26 June 1988.

 Habitat: from soil; stored paddy rice; stored corn seeds.

Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Japan.


Tzean, SS et al., 1990.


S. S. Tzean and J. L. Chen

 Note: Colony growth more vigorous and produced more abundant cleistothecia on Czapek’s Agar with 20% added sucrose or on M40Y; ascospores lenticular, smooth to finely roughened, with 2 long longitudinal trough flanges.