Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Dothideales 
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 Scientific Name: Melanomma pulvis-pyrius

Basionym: Sphaeria pulvis-pyrius Pers., Syn. Meth. Fung.:86. 1801.

Melanomma pulvis-pyrius (Pers.) Fuckel, Jahrb. Nass. Ver. Naturk. 23/24: 160. 1870.

 Description: Ascostromata immersed beneath epidermis becoming superficial by shedding off epidermis, gregarious, subglobose with flattened base, 351-429 μm long including the neck, 192-312 μm wide, with a long neck protruding from the epidermis. Mycelium internal, forming loosely hyphal weft around ascostromata, and becoming subiculum-like mat under them. Neck broadly cylindrical, 215-254 × 105-137 μm, periphysate. Peridium 22-25 μm thick, compost of 5-8 layers of pseudoparenchymatous, dark brown, polygonal, compressed cells and blackened towards the out side. Asci bitunicate, basal., cylindrical, 8-spored, 69-87 × 9-10 μm, pseudoparaphysate. Ascospores overlapping uniseriate, broadly elliptical, 3-septate, second cell from above swollen, 16-20 × 5-6 μm.

Taiwan, Hualien County, Kuanyuan, 21 Mar. 1992, NCHUPP-2275.

 Habitat: On indet. wood.

America, Europe, Mainland China, Taiwan.


Chen, CY. and Hsieh, WH. 1994.


W. H. Hsieh

 Note: The species is very common in England (Dennis, 1978). Materials from Taiwan usu-ally have a prominent neck and immersed ascomata.