Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Dothideales 
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 Scientific Name: Hysterographium fraxini

Hysterographium fraxini (Pers.) de Not., G. Bot. Ital. 2: 5. 1847.

Basionym: Hysterium fraxini Pers., Synopsis methodica fungorum, p.98. 1801.

 Description: Ascomata hysterioid, boat-shaped, up to 1.5 mm long, 260-360 μm high, 310-400 μm wide, superficial with the base remaining immersed, scattered to gregarious, opening by a longitu-dinal slit. Hypostroma forming beneath the base of the ascoma and filling the host cells with a pseudoparenchyma of dark brown cells. Peridium carbonaceous, melanized, 40-50 μm wide. Asci broadly clavate, 130-170 × 30-36 μm, stipitate, bitunicate, 8-spored, occasionally 4- or 6-spored, overlapping biseriate but obliquely uniseriate in 4-spored asci, arising from a basal, thick, hyaline, hymenial layer, endotunica thickened. Pseu-doparaphyses numerous, branched, swelling at tips to form an epithecium covering the ascomatal opening. Ascospores oblong, 34-50 × 16-20 μm, dark brown, muriform, transversely 5-7 septate, each segment divided further by 2 or more longitudinal to oblique-septa.

Taiwan, Taoyuan County, Lalashan, April, 1996, NCHUPP-25.

 Habitat: On indet. wood.



Hsieh, WH. and Chen, CY. 2000; Zogg, H. 1962.


W. H. Hsieh

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