Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Dothideales 
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 Scientific Name: Ellisiodothis cocoicola

Ellisiodothis cocoicola A. Sivan. & W. H. Hsieh, Mycol. Res. 93: 340-342. 1989.

 Description: Ascostromata densely scattered, mostly in rows, superficial, unilocular, orbicular, discoid, 350-440 μm wide, 65-100 μm high, frequently confluent, black, with an apical, central ostiole, radiating at the margins with 2-3 μm thick, erect to suberect hyphae. Hypostroma minute, penetrating the epidermis and connected to the external ascostroma at one or two points. Peridium 20-30 μm thick is composed of dark brown, compressed, elongated, thick-walled pseudoparenchymatous cells. Pseudoparaphyses filiform, colourless, septate (sensu Eriksson, 1981). Asci sessile to short-stalked, clavate to saccate, 8-spored, bitunicate, 68-100 × 17-23 μm, with a rounded apex. Ascospores ovate oblong, often wider in the middle, aseptate, granular when young, colourless, smooth, sometimes slightly verrucose and very pale brown when mature, 22-31 × 9-13 μm.

Taiwan, Hualien County, Kuanfu, 22 Dec. 1987, holotype A. Sivanesan 205, IMI 323562

 Habitat: On leaves of Cocos nucifera L.



Arx, JA. von and Müller, E. 1954; Batista, AC. and Vital, AF. 1960.


H. Hsieh

 Note: Seven species of Ellisiodothis have been described (v. Arx & Mller, 1954; Batista & Vital, 1960). The ascospores are variable in length in all these species but the maximum length reported for the large-spored species does not exceed 20 μm. E. cocoicola is easily separated from them by its relatively longer ascospores.