Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Dothideales 
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 Scientific Name: Coleroa petasitidis

Coleroa petasitidis (Fuckel) Farr, Mycologia 71: 267. 1979.

Basionym: Stigmata petasitidis Fuckel, Symb. Mycol. P. 96. 1970.

 Description: Pseudoperithecia amphigenous, superficial, single or confluent, globose to subglobose with papillate ostioles, setae around the whole fruiting body, dark brown to black, 78-156 μm in diam., 62-117 μm high. Setae simple, straight, attenuate towards the apex, thick-walled, septate, dark brown, nearly hyaline at the apex, 150-236 × 16-32 μm. Asci subclavate to cylindrical, straight or curved, bitunicate, short-stalked, 8-spored, 23-23.5 × 4.5 μm, with pseudoparaphyses. Ascospores ellipsoid or short cylindrical, 1 septum near the lower end, constriction at the septum, slightly asymmetric, pale brown, 13-16 × 5-7 μm.

Taiwan, Nantou County, Piluchi, 29 June, 1989, NCHUPP-2037.

 Habitat: On living leaves of Petasites formosanus Mez.

Germany, Mid-Europe, Taiwan.


Li, Li-Tzu. 1990.


W. H. Hsieh

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