Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Diaporthales 
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 Scientific Name: Hypospilina bifron

Hypospilina bifron (DC.:Fr.) Trav., Flora Ital. Crypt. 1: 495. 1913.

Bsionym: Xyloma bifrons DC., Flore France. 6:156,1815 , und Fries: Syst. Myc. 2: 438. 1823.

 Description: Ascomata depressed globose to elliptical, 430-510 μm wide, 370-430 μm high including the neck, immersed, solitary, scattered, usually with lateral prosenchymatous stroma between adjacent ascomata. Marginal zone stromatic, 70-120 μm thick, pseudoparenchymatous, delimiting ascomata within host tissue, visible as blackened lines on host surface. Neck 140-190 μm high, central, oblique as protruding from venter, then turning upright and broader near the host surface, clypeus around the lower half of the neck, up to 60 μm thick. Ostiolar canal 60-80 μm wide, filled with septate, hyaline periphyses pointeted upwards ostiole. Peridium up to 10 μm thick, composed of hyaline, strongly compressed cells. Asci 45-55 × 6-10 μm, ellipsoid, unitunicate, 8-spored, freely loosening in centrum, with a nonamyloid apical ring, aparaphysate. Ascospores 10-14 × 3-5 μm, ellipsoid to broadly clavate, hyaline, 1-septate near the lower end, the larger cell two and a half to three times the length of the smaller cell, straight to slightly curved.

Taiwan, Taichung County, Central Cross Road 129K from west, 27 Apr. 1994, NCHUPP-2366.

 Habitat: null

Europe and Taiwan.


Hsieh, WH. and Chen, CY. 2000; Müller, E. and Arx, JA. von 1962.


W. H. Hsieh

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