Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Calosphaeriales 
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 Scientific Name: Pleurostoma minima

Basionym: Calosphaeria minima Tul. & Tul., Sel. Fung. Carp. 2:112. 1863.

Pleurostoma minima (Tul. & C. Tul.) M. E. Barr, Rogers & Ju, Mycotaxon 48: 534. 1993.

 Description: Ascomata immersed, subglobose in venter, 135-185 μm diam., solitary to gregarious, erect to horizontal, with a 80-140 μm long, straight to oblique neck. Ostiolar canal 14-20 μm wide, periphysate. Peridium 10-20 μm wide, composed of 5-7 layers of thick-walled, dark brown cells, cells globose to polygonal, becoming compressed towards the inner of peridium. Wall of peridium composed of elongated cells. Ascogenous hyphae lining the centrum cavity, proliferating upwards into the centrum, 3-5 μm wide, with asci arising from the ascogenous hyphae in a spicate arrangement. Asci 13-15 × 3-4 μm, oblong, unitunicate, sessile, without any apical apparatus. Paraphyses 3-5 μm wide, septate, arising from the base of ascogenous hyphae. Ascospores3-4 × 1-1.5 μm wide, oblong, straight to slightly curved, hyaline, biseriate in ascus.

Taiwan, Taichung County, Tungmaoshan, 29 Jan. 1996, NCHUPP-2445.

 Habitat: In dead twigs of Toddalia asiatica (L.) Lam.

Europe, North America, Taiwan.


Barr, ME. 1993; Chen, CY and Hsieh, WH. 1997.


W. H. Hsieh

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