Phylum:Ascomycota >> Class: Ascomycetes >>  Order: Boliniales 
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 Scientific Name: Diaporthe arctii

Basionym: Sphaeria arctii Lasch, Herb. Myc. 1046. 1846.

Diaporthe arctii (Lasch) Nitschke, Pyren. Germ. 268. 1868.

 Description: Pustules on bark of dead stem, scattered, black, ruptured epiderm exposing black tip of necks. Perithecia embedded within bark or partly in wood, one or rarely two in a pustule, without distinct stroma, globular, 450 - 500 μm in diam., with neck at the top. Blackened zone effused within wood. Neck cyclindric, solitary erumpent through bark tissue. Asci clavate or cyclindric- clavate, furnished apical ring at thickened tip, 40 - 44 × 4 - 8 μm in size and 42.4 × 5.8 μm in average, 8-spored, loosed irregularly biseriate, elliptic, narrowly rounded at the ends, straight or inaequilateral, 2-celled, only slightly constricted at the septum in full maturity, hyaline, 8 - 14 × 2 - 4 μm in size and 11.2 × 2.3 μm in average. Two types of conidia are produced; one of which is called alpha conidium or α-spore, and is elliptic, unicellular, hyaline, granular, 6 - 10 × 2 μm in size and 6.5 × 2 μm in average, the other beta conidium or β-spore is filiform or acicular, straight orhooked, hyaline, unicellular, 16 - 32 × 1 - 2 μm in size and 22.6 × 1.1 μm in average.

Taichung: Anmaashan, on Artemisia capillaris Thunb., 2 Oct 1990, D-28. Taichung: Anmaashan, on Aster taiwanensis Kitamura, 1 Oct 1990, D-36. Taichung: Takeng, on Blumea riparia (Blume) DC. var. megacephala, 4 Jul 1990, D-2, Taichung: Takeng, on Erigeron canadensis L., 4 Jul 1990, D-1, Taichung: Anmaashan, on Eupatorium formosanum Hayata, 2 Oct 1990, D-29.

 Habitat: Lignicolous. On branches of angiosperm.

Asia (Japan, Taiwan), Europe and North America.


Kobayashi, T. 1970; Tsay, JG and Hsieh, WH. 1993.


J. G. Tsay

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