BCRC holds three domains of bioresources: microbial resources, cell resources and gene resources. More than 12,000 resources were available.

How to buy strains?
1. Please search the BCRC Strain Collection Catalog (https://catalog.bcrc.firdi.org.tw/), and find the strain you want.
2. Email the BCRC No., species name and contact information (company or lab: including full name, address, phone#) to bcrcweb@firdi.org.tw .
3. We will reply the quotation.
4. Fill out the forms (customer information and purchase order), sign them and send them back.
5. Please make your payment via wire transfer and provide us with a copy of remittance advice. After receiving your payment, we will arrange your shipment ASAP.

Download the Forms
  customer info.pdf
  purchase order.pdf
  bank info.pdf

Reminder :
1. Applicant may use the Biological Material only for research purposes other than Commercial Use.
2. Applicant shall not under any circumstance transfer any of the Biological Material to any third party.

For further information, please contact by E-mail: bcrcweb@firdi.org.tw

☛Biosafety Note:

1. If the biological materials belong to the Risk group 2 (RG2) or above please make sure that your Biosafety Level of facilities is BSL2 or higher.
2. We will begin to prepare the export permit after receiving your customer information and purchase order. The export permit will take about a month to be verified by our CDC.
3. Please prepare import permit and any additional documents, if necessary.
Our contact information:
Food Industry Research and Development Institute
Address: 331, Shih-Pin Rd., Hsinchu 30062, Taiwan
4. To get the information of BSL of biological materials in BCRC, please search the online catalogs.
5. Reference site of the Center for Disease Control of the Department of Health in Taiwan (links to https://law.moj.gov.tw/ENG/LawClass/LawAll.aspx?pcode=L0050029)
6. Reference site of Public Health Agency of CANADA, Material Safety Data Sheets for Infectious Substances
(links to https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/laboratory-biosafety-biosecurity/pathogen-safety-data-sheets-risk-assessment.html)


category of strains  Price (for academic)Price (for industry)description
Grade AGeneral strainUS$105US$210Freeze-Dried for aerobic strains of Bacteria, Yeast, Actinomycetes, Filamentous fungi, Plasmid, Host and Bacteriophage
Grade BSpecial cultivation of strainsUS$250US$5001. General Mushroom, Vibrio genera, Microaerobes and those that are not adapted to freeze drying.
2. Freeze-Dried for facultatively anaerobic, anaerobic or special medium required Bacteria.
Grade CHard cultivation of strainsUS$340
and above
and above
1. Thiobacillus、Thiobacillus ferrooxidans、Methanogen、methylotrophic bacteria、Helicobacter pylori, and biosafety level 3 bacteria…
2. Frozen Vial for facultatively anaerobic, anaerobic Bacteria…
3. Other strains with special requirement
Grade DGeneral Cell linesUS$340US$680Human and animal cell lines
Grade EGenetic LibraryUS$340US$680
Grade FGenomicDNAUS$340US$680
othersPlease contact us for more information.

1. Extra charges such as shipping fee and handling charge will be added on international purchases.
2. The bill duties and taxes from customs will be paid by recipient.