Food industry research and development institute (FIRDI) has executed microorganism preservations since July, 1982. This microorganism preservation missions were assigned to a unique center, Bioresource Collection and Research Center (BCRC), originally named as Culture Collection and Research Center (CCRC). Since 1982, 4 Director General of FIRDI, Dr. Paul C. Ma (1982-Dec, 1990), Dr. Tin-Yin Liu (Dec, 1990-Apr. 2009), Dr. Shu-kung Chen (Apr. 2009-Aug, 2014), and Dr. Chii-Cherng Liao (Aug, 2014-present), have been putting enormous efforts in the development of BCRC. Hence, with these efforts, the preservation and research abilities of BCRC has been recognized internationally, and its unlimited potential in all aspects, makes it always ready for the future challenges.
Since the establishment of BCRC, the center has been led by several pioneers in the field, from Dr. Wen-Hwei Hsu (1982-Mar, 1992), Dr. Chii-Cherng Liao, i.e. current Director General of FIRDI, (Mar, 1992-Jun, 2002), Dr.Gwo-Fang Yuan (Jun, 2002-Feb, 2019/retired), to its current Director Dr. Wen-Shen Chu (Feb, 2019-present). BCRC also grows from a center with dozens researchers to currently more than 125 researchers in the past years.