Plaque Assay for Influenza Virus

Safranin Staining for Chondrogenesis


Oil Red O Staining for Adipogenesis

Mycoplasma Detection-PCR Method

Alizarin Red S Staining for Oseogenesis

Prepare hESCs for Cryopreservation

Embryoid Bodies Formation

Embryoid Bodies Formation

Preparation of Agarose DNA Gel

Alkaline Phosphatase Stain

Subculture of hESCs by Mechanical Dissection

Inactivated Feedr Cells MEF Thawing

Preparation of Mycoplasma Agar

Preparation of Mycoplasma Broth

hESCs Thawing

Aliquot and Coating of BD Matrigel

Preparation of TSB Medium

Preparation of Fluid Thioglycollate Medium

MTT Assay

Making a Glass Knife

Gelatin Preparation and Coating

Bioburden Test of BSC

Mycoplasma Detection-Hoechst DNA Staining

Mycoplasma Detection-Direct Method

Detection of Bacteria and Fungi in Cell Culture

Programmable Freezer BCRC

Mechanical Freezer BCRC

Handling of Adhering Cells upon Receipt BCRC

Handling of Suspending Cells upon Receipt BCRC

Cell Freezing Equipment 3in1 BCRC

Aliquot and Preparation of Serum before Usage BCRC

Subculture of Suspension cells

Subculture of Adherent Cells

Freezing of Adherent Cells

Cell Thawing_DMSO

Cell Thawing

Cell Counting