Phylum:Chytridiomycota >> Class: Chytridiomycetes >>  Order: Spizellomycetales 
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 Scientific Name: Spizellomyces punctatum

Spizellomyces punctatum (Koch) D. Barr, Can. J. Bot. 58:2384. 1980.

Basionym: Phlyctochytrium punctatum Koch, J. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Soc. 73:109. 1957.

 Description: On pine pollen: Sporangium epibiotic or interbiotic; spherical, 35-55 μm diam. On 1/4YpSs agar: Sporangium spherical, 23-55 μm diam.; wall minutely warted, with 3-6 papillae. Rhizoidal system moderately extensive up to 137.5 μm, arising from a taproot-like main rhizoid, 5-10 μm diam., or branched apophysis. Zoospores globose, about 4 μm diam., or amoeboid; lipid globules numerous and inconspicuous. Resting spore spherical, about 28 μm diam., wall smooth, 1.7 μm thick. Color of colony white.

Taiwan. Yunlin: farm soil, 22 Jul. 1992, NTNU S02a. Isolated on pine pollen from mud.

 Habitat: Soil.

New Guinea, USA, Taiwan.


Barr, DJS. 1980; Chen, SF and Chien, CY. 1998.


S. F. Chen

 Note: Based on zoospore ultrastructure, P. punctatum was Transfered to the genus Spizellomyces (Barr, 1980). This is the type species of Spizellomyces. The minutely warted sporangial wall is the main character.